Complete List of Names - updated 04/12/2021

The following list represents performers that have been credited
for covered sound recordings by the AFM & SAG-AFTRA IPRD Fund.
The Fund has insufficient personal information (bad address,
missing social security number) to process a royalty payment.

Unclaimed Royalties

If you are on the list, please complete
the Performer Information Form
and return it with a photo ID

X'S 3, UNKNOWN - Sound Recording

XAVI, UNKNOWN - Sound Recording

XAVIER, THOMAS - Sound Recording

XAVIER, THOMAS - Audiovisual


XEFOS, CHRIS - Audiovisual

XHOSA, VUSI - Sound Recording

XIA, MING - Sound Recording

XIANGTING, LI - Sound Recording

XIE, YI - Sound Recording

XILAKAZI, DANIEL - Sound Recording

XIN, XIN - Audiovisual

XMAN, UNKNOWN - Sound Recording

XO, UNKNOWN - Sound Recording

XSCAPE, UNKNOWN - Sound Recording

XU, FANG - Audiovisual

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